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TakeMoreChancesHi, I’m Mary Bennett and I post information on this blog about circle dances around Vancouver that I’m involved. Usually I dance with the groups at the Unitarian Church 949 West 49th at Oak on

  • 1st Tuesday 7 – 9 pm
  • 2nd Monday 7 – 9 pm
  • 3rd Thursday 11 am – 1 pm (Art, Labyrinth walking & Dance.)

With a friend I’ve just started a family-friendly circle dance gathering on the 2nd Saturday of each month 6:30 – 8pm in Kitsilano.

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Circle Dance for Easter

Details and register here:
We are so lucky to have Anne Catherine and Andre in Vancouver and ready, willing and able to share kid-friendly dances for all ages on Easter Sunday. All are welcome and we’ll probably find a way to include an egg hunt.
Feature: Maypole dances -outside if possible.
There are 3 parts – register for one, two or all 3.
Cost: by donation
12:30-1:30pm Forum: Circle dancing with children – Anne Catherine McConnell teaches teachers to circle dance with their classes. She’s in Vancouver speaking at a conference on Children & Nature.
2 – 5pm Dancing with all ages.
3:15-3:30 – break and easter egg hunt
5:30-7pm Potluck Easter dinner

Dance Passion! A day of dance with several facilitators

Several facilitators will be sharing dances or dances to a theme that they are passionate about.

Date and Time:  Saturday, March 18, 2017, 10am – 4pm.

YES! This is the day before the Rivendell Circle Dance Retreat on Bowen Island (March 19-21).  Many of you have requested a longer retreat.  Wishes are granted…an extra day without the added cost of the retreat expense.

Location:  Unitarian Centre, 949 49 Ave W at Oak St.

Cost: by donation


  • Lunch – bring your own
  • Optional Dinner (TBD) – ordered in or potluck
  • Snack – light refreshments provided

Hosts:  Mary and Darlene

Can you help with this event?

  1. host an out of town dancer?
  2. help organize/host the event?
  • decorate
  • kitchen goddesses
  • welcome host
  • refreshment host
  • snack provider (looking for more than one person)
  • move furniture around (and back again)
  • organize (optional) dinner
  • other offering ___________?

RSVP to attend:  go here to register

RSVP to help:  If you can do any of the above please contact
Circle Dance Facilitators Gathering:  Please note that, if you are a Circle Dance facilitator, you are invited to an evening gathering of conversation and sharing at the same location. If you wish to attend the evening session (you do not have to facilitate at the event), please reply to by February 15.

Blessings of PASSION and JOY!
Mary and Darlene

Let the Winter Come and Go

daffodilsinsnowLet the winter come and go!
All shall be well again, I know.

Julian of Norwich

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Let us hope that by the time the daffodils come up there will be no more snow in Vancouver. Meanwhile we can dance “the Bells of Norwich” and sing along with the words:

Loud are the bells of Norwich

And the people come and go

Here by the tower of Julian I tell them what I know

Ring out, bells of Norwich and
let the winter come and go

All shall be well again, I know.

Love, like the yellow daffodil Is coming through the snow.

Love, like the yellow daffodil Is lord of all I know

Ring for the yellow daffodil

The flower in the snow

Ring for the yellow daffodil And tell them what I know

All shall be well, I’m telling you

Let the winter come and go  All shall be well again, I know

I’ve collected some links and videos if you’re interested in learning more about this song and the words that inspired it. Enjoy! (click the link to VIEW to see all of these)

There are lots of circle dance opportunities around Vancouver including a day of “Dance Passion” just recently set for March 18 at the Unitarian Centre, 10am -4pm.


Regular Monthly Circle Dance Opportunities

1st Tuesday 7-9pm @ Unitarian Centre – coordinated by Leslie Kemp
February 7 – Imbolc/Brighid’s Day ritual, dances and – bonus! – story by Nan Gregory

2nd Monday 7-9pm @ Unitarian Centre – Corinne Chepil2nd Saturday 6:30-8pm Kitsilano – Mary, Mairy & Bina
January 14 – Lunar New Year, Robbie Burns Day, Brighid’s Day – story by Mary Gavan
February 11 – Valentine’s Day and all things LOVE!

3rd Thursday 11am-1pm @ Unitarian Centre – Mary, Mairy & Darlene
January 19 – Imbolc/Brighid’s Day

Information on above – contact

More dance circles around BC at

Also, I usually attend the last Friday 7-9pm in Ladner. Contact if you’d like details.

What we danced Jan 7

For the second year what used to be “my” annual women friends gathering has been hosted at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver – with an open invitation to all women and their friends. This is partly because of the growing interest in circle dance as it allows a lot more space. I believe there were 35 women dancing together for much of the evening.
We have a collage party, tarot cards for divination set up in the meditation room, a recycled gift exchange (“mathoms”–Hobbit words for thing you no longer want and want to pass along!) and of course dancing. And an amazing potluck feast. Oh, my, these women have good taste!
Here’s what we danced:
As One
All My Life’s a Circle
Let It Be a Dance
Come, Come, Whoever you are

Gypsy Soul
Dancing Song (Peter Mayer)

Special treat! Farah taught us some Bhangra moves to two Indian tracks!

Gifts of the Goddess
Blessed Be

Probably about half of the women were regular circle dancers and half weren’t, so we picked dances we felt (mostly) were easy to learn and allowed for “variations”.

On Monday night, (Jan 9) Corinne will lead a White Night at the church. I and a couple of others will do an Imbolc/Brighid ritual, dance and story on the first Tuesday in February.

Corinne is going to do a choreography workshop in February, especially for Unitarians but open to all–we’ll choreograph even more of the songs found in the Unitarian songbooks Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.  I’m keeping a list of the songs that can be danced here:

Various blog posts about specific songs/dances can be found here:

Dancing the Living Tradition: Choreography Workshop

Dancing the Living Tradition

A choreography workshop with Corinne Chepil

February 12, 2017  2-5pm

This is sponsored by Vancouver Unitarians and coordinated by Mary Bennett and Leslie Kemp.

All members and friends are welcome.

By donation.

RSVP here:

More information will be updated here:

White Night

White Night ~ Meditative Dances to Light the New Year Forward
with Corinne Chepil


White Night in the Fireside Room at the Unitarian Centre

Dressed in white we will dance to honour the light returning and to
symbolically bring more light into the world, visually creating a “clean
slate” or “blank palette” to dance our New Year visions upon. 


June Watts all in white.

Simple, meditative dances will help us energetically embody a sense of peace and

During the first half of the evening we will learn the dances and after our
break we will dance the dances in silence, further deepening our peaceful

Note:  Some white clothing will be available to borrow. *Please bring extra
white clothes to lend if you can.


But our mantra is: “There are no wrong steps only variations.”



I miss dancing with the Dancing Bears. But there’s still the WWW!

For several years, Marina and John Bear came to Vancouver every summer and shared their dances and (some of their) other talents. But… this year they didn’t come.

The nice thing is they’re only a click away. I recently sent John a question and he responded within minutes, and of course their website has many, many resources.

If you haven’t danced with dancing bears, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Here’s an introduction to John and Marina.

The Little Book of MeditationHere’s one of the 35 books they’ve published “individually or collectively”–this one by Marina. It’s available from and Amazon and in a kindle version.

The Little Book of Meditation

A Guide to Stress-free Living

Book – 2010

The description says: This useful guide, written by a noted meditation teacher, offers easy strategies for overcoming stress and finding relaxation in any circumstance. Author Marina Bear presents meditation techniques in an encouraging way, making them accessible and enjoyable. In clear language, she explains the benefits of meditation, supported by recent scientific studies. While the book is aimed at secular readers, it acknowledges the rich tradition of religious meditation and explains some of the words and techniques associated with those traditions. Roger Williams’ charming illustrations help make this an ideal gift book.

Here’s more about Marina, including a link to her “Aging and Spirituality” blog:

And here’s John – more than just a dancing bear!

On the day after the U.S. election, I wonder what they would say…






Book by June Watts – Circle Dancing Mentor — available from

Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing

Celebrating the Sacred in Dance

Book – 2006

I just noticed that this book is available through the Vancouver Public Library. There’s one copy at the Central Branch. Here’s the call number: 793.31 W35c

It would be interesting to know what books are on either side of it. Let me know if you discover it.

I danced with June several years ago on Vancouver Island on a weekend dance retreat. The roosters got in the way of my sleep so I didn’t do it again, but admire June a lot and know many who attend her workshops whenever she’s in BC, which she tends to do once a year.

Here’s the link and description from VPL.

June Watts is a leading figure in The Sacred Circle Dance movement. Here she describes every aspect of this growing movement, the people, the places, the dances, the music. All over the world people are awakening to the Sacred Power of dance. This is the first book to explore the link between the modern Sacred Dance movement and its historic heritage going back to the stone age.