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TakeMoreChancesHi, I’m Mary Bennett and I post information on this blog about circle dances around Vancouver that I’m involved. Usually I dance with the groups at the Unitarian Church 949 West 49th at Oak on

  • 1st Tuesday 7 – 9 pm
  • 2nd Monday 7 – 9 pm
  • 3rd Thursday 11 am – 1 pm (Art, Labyrinth walking & Dance.)

With a friend I’ve just started a family-friendly circle dance gathering on the 2nd Saturday of each month 6:30 – 8pm in Kitsilano.

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I miss dancing with the Dancing Bears. But there’s still the WWW!

For several years, Marina and John Bear came to Vancouver every summer and shared their dances and (some of their) other talents. But… this year they didn’t come.

The nice thing is they’re only a click away. I recently sent John a question and he responded within minutes, and of course their website has many, many resources.

If you haven’t danced with dancing bears, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Here’s an introduction to John and Marina.

The Little Book of MeditationHere’s one of the 35 books they’ve published “individually or collectively”–this one by Marina. It’s available from and Amazon and in a kindle version.

The Little Book of Meditation

A Guide to Stress-free Living

Book – 2010

The description says: This useful guide, written by a noted meditation teacher, offers easy strategies for overcoming stress and finding relaxation in any circumstance. Author Marina Bear presents meditation techniques in an encouraging way, making them accessible and enjoyable. In clear language, she explains the benefits of meditation, supported by recent scientific studies. While the book is aimed at secular readers, it acknowledges the rich tradition of religious meditation and explains some of the words and techniques associated with those traditions. Roger Williams’ charming illustrations help make this an ideal gift book.

Here’s more about Marina, including a link to her “Aging and Spirituality” blog:

And here’s John – more than just a dancing bear!

On the day after the U.S. election, I wonder what they would say…






Book by June Watts – Circle Dancing Mentor — available from

Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing

Celebrating the Sacred in Dance

Book – 2006

I just noticed that this book is available through the Vancouver Public Library. There’s one copy at the Central Branch. Here’s the call number: 793.31 W35c

It would be interesting to know what books are on either side of it. Let me know if you discover it.

I danced with June several years ago on Vancouver Island on a weekend dance retreat. The roosters got in the way of my sleep so I didn’t do it again, but admire June a lot and know many who attend her workshops whenever she’s in BC, which she tends to do once a year.

Here’s the link and description from VPL.

June Watts is a leading figure in The Sacred Circle Dance movement. Here she describes every aspect of this growing movement, the people, the places, the dances, the music. All over the world people are awakening to the Sacred Power of dance. This is the first book to explore the link between the modern Sacred Dance movement and its historic heritage going back to the stone age.



Kick-Off Circle Dance Kitsilano at Kits House Autumn Fair

You’re invited to join us for the shortcutsvickibaumkick-off of

Circle Dance Kitsilano

Saturday, October 22

10 am – 10:30 am

Bina and Mary will be in the hall to welcome you to the Kits House Autumn Fair. Join us in a circle for some easy dances.

In circle dancing, the dances are taught before every dance. We all dance in a circle together – all ages – and regardless of how many left feet you have!

Our mantra is:

There are no wrong steps 200-left-feet– only variations!

This is a “kick off” for a series of five circle dance gatherings supported by the Neighbourhood Small Grant Program from Vancouver Foundation that Kits House manages.

More information: or


Circling Around, Honouring Kali and Discovering Chris James

On Tuesday, we had our regular first Tuesday sacred circle dance at the Unitarian Church.

We danced a new choreography for We Are Circling (Buffy Sainte-Marie). I now know of three possibilities for dancing to this song including the one I did last summer. Can’t wait for someone to do “Carry It On” or “Power in the Blood.”

Dussehra 2016We danced a no-hands dance for Kali that we hadn’t done for so long, several regulars had never done it. I had mentioned that my friend had told me about Dussehra, the festival honouring Kali. It turns out that (like all good festivals) this one is 10 days long ending on October 10th this year.  Read more here:

I shared the dance “Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude” and was asked who the singer was. It took me a moment to remember and then I did – Chris James!

Here’s a link to the album Fiery Eyes that this song is found on:

Hope to see you some 1st Tuesday or 2nd Monday 7-9 pm or on the third Thursday 11 am-1 pm.


Eat, Dance & Celebrate: New Neighbourhood Small Grant

Eat, Dance & Celebrate: New Neighbourhood Small Grant
My friend Bina and I received the maximum $500 for a series of gatherings to explore cultures through food and dance. Each session will focus on a particular culture. We’ll do some circle dances from that culture and have snacks. Each one will have a special guest from that culture who will share with us about the traditions and festivals.
These will be on a Friday or Saturday 6:30-8 pm. All ages welcome.
Over the past decade or more I’ve gotten more and more involved with Sacred Circle Dance. If you’d like to receive updates about circle dances, send me a note to and I’ll add you to the reminder list.
Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation and Kits House for their support of Neighbourhood Small Grants.

Stay tuned for dates.

Location: near 4th & Macdonald – details will be sent when you register.